How Plej Works

• Sign up for a personal Culipa account.

• If you want to use Plej as a non-individual, use your personal account to create a Culipa Business Account for a Business or Organisation that you represent on, otherwise you can use Plej as yourself.

• Verify your identity or your Business’s identity.

• Sign into Plej either as yourself or the Business you represent.

• Create a Fundraiser, set a title, goal, end date, upload images, tell your story.

• Submit your fundraiser and wait for our approval review. We may ask you for additional information to verify whether your fundraising initiative is genuine.

• If approved, you will receive your fundraiser link via email and in your Plej portal so you can share with all your potential donors.

• The link sends a donor to the fundraiser’s web page showing the details of your fundraiser that you submitted. Donors do not have to be registered on Culipa to donate. When donors donate to your fundraiser, your fundraiser is updated in real-time showing all donations. Donors can only pay with Mobile Money for now.

• Every Monday we transfer to you funds that your fundraiser collected the previous week, excluding Culipa’s fees. We can transfer to your mobile money account or bank account.

• With the transfer you also receive an excel sheet detailing every donation payment processed, the deducted fees, amount, donor, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are fees and how are they charged?

We charge 4% of the amounts your fundraiser receives. This is deducted when the payout is being made to you. There are no subscription fees for using the service, you’re only charged if you receive donations.

Can I/we pass on Plej fees to the donor?

No. Plej is a service offered to the user (person/entity) using the platform to manage their fundraising campaign(s) to receive funds. Fees are therefore only charged to the user of the service and not the donor.

When do you payout the donated funds?

Funds are paid out every Monday to either your verified mobile money account or verified bank account. The payout will consist of the previous week’s collected funds.

Do we get a breakdown of the donations and the payouts?

Yes, whenever we make a payout, we will send a corresponding sheet with all the donations that make up that payout, including the donor’s details. You can also get this information within the portal.